Values and Beliefs

  • We share an immense pride in the many important products made by New York’s forest products companies and employees and are committed to promoting the public value of those products and the renewable resource from which they originate.
  • We believe that the success of our businesses is dependent on the expertise of management, the productivity of our employees and an understanding at all levels of our operations of the importance of sustainable forestry to the health of our environment and individual businesses.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement at all levels of our forestry and manufacturing operations so that New York’s forest products industry remains quality-focused, environmentally conscious and strategically competitive.
  • We value and respect the rights of private landowners to manage their lands to their benefit and that of their families, and we encourage them to employ the services of a forester to assist them in realizing their management objectives.
  • We are committed to working closely with landowners, timber harvesters and others involved in the management of forestland to ensure that those forests are managed on a sustainable basis to the benefit of today’s and future generations.
  • We are committed to proactively educating the public, media and government officials regarding the tremendous importance of New York’s forest products industry to the availability of high-quality, affordable paper and wood products; to the environmental health of our state’s forests; and to the economic health of many rural New York communities.
  • We are committed to providing ESFPA members with real value for their membership dollars and to improve service to members and continuously expand our membership.